Change is the new Constant: Advanced Future Technology

Change is the new Constant: Advanced Future Technology

Technology never stands still; it is always in changing, adapting and progressing phase. From diving into the mouth of hell through virtual tour to Elon Musk’s Neuralink to merge humans and machine, advanced future technology tends to take us to the whole new level of automation. Advanced future technologies have staying power; they will affect the economy, politics, improve medicine and influence our culture simultaneously. However, some of them are unfolding now; others will take time to happen. Reversing Paralysis by brain implants, self-driving trucks, practical quantum computers, 360 degree selfie, Gene Therapy 2.0, The Cell Atlas biology’s mega-project, Botnets of Things, prosthetics with a sense of touch, super maglev train with speeds of up to 1800 miles per hour, 3D printed food for elderly patients who suffer from dysphagia by German company, Biozoon, “Back To The Future” Hoverboard, etc are the innovations going to be delivered by advanced future technology.

Artificial intelligence and IoT are the trends that will take advanced future technology to new heights of innovation and creativity. Global artificial intelligence market is expected to garner USD 15 billion by 2024 and global internet of things (IoT) market tends to excel at the CAGR of 17% and projected to generate the revenue of USD 1.45 trillion by 2024.

Major Acquisitions and Mergers that are going to contribute for advanced future technology are: Mattress startup Purple merges with NY Shell Company in USD 1.1 billion deal, Mitel to buy ShoreTel for $430 million to create unified communications powerhouse, Microsoft confirms Cloudyn acquisition, Elastic enters APM space with Opbeat acquisition, Zuora to acquire Leeyo to help customers cope with upcoming accounting rules changes, Microsoft acquires Intentional Software, Online coupon site RetailMeNot acquired for $630 million by Harland Clarke, Rover and DogVacay merge to dominate the pet-sitting market, etc. 

Future projects include: Tesla CEO Elon Musk, world's most famous futurist, has made a career of pursuing far-fetched projects that have one leg planted firmly in science fiction, SpaceX aims to colonize Mars, the Boring Company wants to dig tunnels to transport cars at high speeds along sliding electric skates, and Hyperloop is planning to rocket commuters from San Francisco to Los Angeles in pods traveling at supersonic speeds.

Technologically advanced countries like USA, Switzerland, UK, Iceland, Luxemborg, Japan, India, China, Germany, Russia, Israel, South Korea, Canada, Singapore, Sweden, Finland, England, France and the Phillipines tends to create a new technical universe with advanced future technology.

Major growth drivers for advanced future technology include global financial downturn, new set of crisis of natural resources like crude oil, rapid shift towards clean energy, exponential advances in computing power – in parallel with genetics, nanotechnology and robotics, move towards post-scarcity and resource-based economies, further growth of transhumanism, and major developments in space travel.