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It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that the technology industry is at the crux of modern day economy and is fast becoming the driving force of almost all known industry domains. However, economically this industry is in itself facing higher volatility than usual. Mushrooming of well-funded startups and other innovative ventures has increased the competition for existing software and hardware companies. Consumers are demanding better performance at the lowest price possible. All this has added up to fluctuating financial flow and reducing profit margins for hardware and software companies alike. As a result, technology companies are churning their brains to find new ways of increasing their revenues and widen their profit margins. Investments in big data and cloud computing have already started to soar. High M&A activity and spin offs are expected. This tech industry is surely being restructured and is ready to hold its own in the fast changing market landscape. Read our latest reports on market trends and forecasts in the hardware and ICT industry.

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