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India Electric Bike Market Outlook 2019-2035 : Market Size, Trends, Growth, Opportunities | COVID-19 Impact Analysis

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India Electric Bike Market Overview

India Electric Bike Market is on the rise as acknowledgement about the worsening envirownment is increasing. The Indian economy is continuing to grow at more than 8%. In the coming years, it is expected that the Indian economy will be booming owing to the heavy demand on infrastructure. India has moved from an agrarian economy to a manufacturing economy. The manufacturing sector now contributes around one-fourth of the total GDP and the industrial output has now crossed USD 65 Billion in value. It is significant to note that more than 20% of the world’s total primary energy is consumed in transportation. Sustainable economic growth of India and other countries will depend on effective energy planning. As the growth in consumption of oil and natural gas in the past has been doubling every 15 years, this trend will lead to complete depletion of energy resources in next 30 years. The energy sector in India is growing and getting highest attention from both state and Central government, thus the revolution of electric vehicle in India is not too far. However, Indian electric vehicle market is in its nascent stage when compares with the other markets such as U.S, China and Europe, where India accounting to be a negligible participant having a share of 0.1%.

Electric Bike Revolution in India

With ever increasing petrol prices in India people are starting to consider alternative means of transport from public transportation to privately owned electric vehicles.

In the first wave of EV enthusiasm, over forty companies entered the flurry with cheap products of dubious quality and managed to turn people away from this new means of transportation by offering poor support, shutting shop and disappearing overnight, and by just offering plain and simple junk. Now after five years it would seem that the market is ready to look at it again and this time around it will really take off!

India Electric Bike Market Segmentation

On the basis of product Type:

  • ON-Road
  • Endurance
  • Fitness
  • City, etc.
  • X-Road
  • Adventure
  • Cyclocross
  • Off-Road
  • Race
  • Trail
  • Gravity

 On the basis of Price Model:

  • Low cost products
  • Medium cost products
  • High cost products (luxury brands)

On the basis of Technology Type

  • Hybrid Electric Vehicles
  • Battery Electric Vehicles
  • Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles

On the basis of Distribution Channel

  • Online
  • Offline

On the basis of Electric Bikeiness Model

  • Electric Bikeiness to Electric Bikeiness
  • Electric Bikeiness to customer

On the basis of Battery used

  • SLA (Sealed lead Acid)
  • NiCad (Nicked Cadmium)
  • NiMH(Nickel Metal Hydride)
  • Li-ion(Lithium ion)

On the basis of Type

  • Pedal Assist (or Pedelecs)
  • Pedal Assist with Power on Demand
  • Power on Demand.

On the basis of Geography

  • Tier I cities
  • Tier II cities
  • Tier III cities

On the basis of technology type, battery electric bikes accounted for the largest revenue share as more than 0.4 million electric bikes.

Factors Attributing the Market Growth of Electric Motors of E-bikes are:            

  • High Torque
  • Increased Power
  • Provision of better vehicle handling

We conducted interviews with the Electric Bike Manufacturers, OEMs, Aftermarket Players, Brands, Component Manufacturers, Battery Manufacturers, End User Industries, Distributors, Traders, Suppliers, Product Managers, Consultants, Decision Makers, VPs, Executives, Sales Managers, Regional Sales Head, C-level Executives, etc.

Key Highlights: India Electric Bike Market Outlook, 2019-2035 (2021 Edition)

  • The report includes Electric Bike Manufacturers, Aftermarket Players & Distributors Outlook (Market Competition & Global Presence), Electric Bikeiness Strategy & Financial Analysis of Major Players. Further, the study also covers the Industry Insights (Future Trends & Forecast Data), Trade Data (Exports and Imports) and Distribution Model Analysis, Competitive Analysis, Opportunity Analysis
  • Market Size (USD Billion), Market Share (%), CAGR (%), Y-O-Y Growth Rate (%) of United States Electric Bike Industry and further it bifurcated into States/Cities, 2019-2035
  • Sales Data of Electric Bike : By Electric Bike Type, By Manufacturers Type, By End User Industry Type, By States/Cities (Value & Volume), 2019-2035
  • Data of Manufactured & Registered Electric (On-Road) : By E-Vehicles Type, By Manufacturers Type, By End User Industry Type, By States/Cities (By Value & Volume), 2019-2035
  • Manufacturing/Production of E-Vehicles : By Manufacturers Type (OEMs & Contract Manufacturers), Production Data (By Electric Bike Type, By Countries), Manufacturing Capacity, Operational Margins, Profit Margin, Distribution Analysis, etc., 2019-2035
  • Electric Bike Market Analysis : Revenue Share, Solutions Offerings Portfolio, Market Positioning, Ranking Analysis, Competitiveness, Regional Presence, Investments, Partnerships & Collaborations, Mergers & Acquisitions, etc., 2019-2035
  • India Electric Bike Market Outlook : Automotive Expenditure, Transportation & Manufacturing Reforms, Manufacturing Facilities, Govt. & Private Investments, R&D, (Current & Future Outlook), 2019-2035
  • Regulatory Framework & Approvals Outlook : Regulatory Framework for Electric Bike, Govt. Initiatives & Programs, Manufacturing Framework & Regulations, Import Framework, Regulations & Policies, etc.
  • Competitive Outlook : Players Financial Analysis, Marketing Strategies, Ranking Index, Product Portfolio, Pricing Analysis, List of Customers, Competitive Advantage, etc. Company Profiles, SWOT Analysis of Each Player, Recent News & Developments of Each Player, Merger & Acquisitions, etc.
  • Electric Bike Aftermarket & Components Outlook : Aftermarket Analysis, Components Sales Outlook, Aftermarket Sales Outlook, Engine and Parts Manufacturers, etc, 2019-2035
  • Market Dynamics : Growth Drivers, Challenges, Opportunities, Trends, SWOT Analysis, PESTLE Analysis, Pricing Patterns, Regulations, Investments, Research & Development, 2019-2035
  • Trade Data of Electric Bike (Export & Import) : By Each Segment, By Countries, (By Value & Volume), 2019-2035
  • Target & Potential Markets, By Major Countries
  • Supply & Demand Analysis, 2019-2035
  • India Electric Bike Market Analysis (Manufacturers, New Products, Investments, OEMs, Aftermarket, Used Electric Trucks Industry, Govt. Regulations & Norms, etc.)

“FAME Scheme”, Major Growth Driver of E-Bike Industry

FAME Scheme is an incentive based scheme launched by the Ministry of Heavy Industries and Public Enterprises in 2015 for the promotion of electric and hybrid vehicles in the country. The ultimate objective of the scheme is to promote electric mobility. The scheme gives the financial incentives for enhancing electric vehicle production and creation of electric transportation infrastructure.

FAME India is a part of National Electric Mobility Mission plan (NEMMP). Under the NEMMP scheme, the government aims to invest Rs 14000 crore in creating the infrastructure and promoting the use of electric vehicles.                                                                    

“Lack of electric vehicle charging infrastructure in India”, the Biggest Challenge!!

There are merely 100 EV charging stations across India which makes it difficult for vehicle owners to undertake long travels. Also, along with the growing numbers of E-Bikes in India, the EV charging stations needs to be increased along with. Infrastructure development is necessary in order to support EV sales and adoption of electric vehicles across the country.

Best Electric bike in India

Transportation sector consumes a large share of energy resource of the country also contributes significantly towards pollution. Electrotherm India Ltd have made a mission to provide vehicle that are emission free and do not use petroleum products. Also, these are inexpensive to acquire and operate. The high success gained was the launch of battery operated Y0Bykes by Electrotherm and now Electrotherm is developing several new vehicles for the Indian market. It is providing leadership in this segment as it is delivering innovative, cost- effective and environmental friendly electric vehicles. Also, Y0Bykes of Electrotherm was given the award of “2007 Overdrive Automotive Product of the Year”.

Features of the Y0-Bykes are:

  • Price ranging from 17,500 to 29000.
  • Uses a composite single battery which is 41 cm tall, 17 cm wide and 11 cm thick.
  • Battery can be locked or carried in house to charge. Also, its life is 20,000km and voltage is 36-48 volts.
  • It can carry weight up to 75kg.
  • Top speed is 25km per hour and can run 50km before charging is required.

There are six models of Y0-Bykes and their prices in India:

  • Y0-TUFF (cheapest, is of 17,500 Rs)
  • Y0-TREND (19,500 Rs)
  • Y0-TEEN (20,400 Rs)
  • Y0-TRUST (21,500 Rs)
  • Y0-SPIN (26,000 Rs)
  • Y0-SMART (29,000 Rs)

Electrotherm India Ltd Financial highlights

































Recent News in the Sector

“April was a WASHOUT”

Electric two-wheeler sales have ground to a halt in this month as new norms requiring re-certification of all existing vehicles under FAME-II hit the availability of models in the market. The government wants to promote e-vehicles through FAME (Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of Electric Vehicles), to protect the environment. From sales of 6,000 units in March, the number is now down to almost nil, according to some insiders. A manufacturer added that under the second phase of the FAME programme, the vehicles have become costlier, owing to a lower subsidy. Only lithium-ion battery electric two-wheelers are eligible for subsidy under FAME-II.
Only three models were certified by government agencies towards the end of the month. But there were no sales under FAME-II. In May too, the industry will ended up selling a few hundred units. It is only in August that sales may gain some pace.

Manufacturers of E-Bikes and their Products in India





TVS teenz Electric


myEbike sporty

Paradise electro auto

Xite K100LA


Xite K101LA


Xite K103LA


Xite K102LA


Avon e-lite 016 EB


Avon e-bike VX


Atlas Angel


Atlas Classic


Petrol Driven bike VS Y0-Byke

Petrol driven motorcycles and scooters need regular change of engine oil every 2000 km, which costs @ Rs.200/- per liter. In Y0-BYKEs, there is no such cost, which is further money saving. The petrol bikes also need regular maintenance like servicing, chain-sprocket lubrication, spark plug cleaning and replacement, carburetor cleaning and many other things which cost money. Y0-BYKEs need no such maintenance because there is nothing to be serviced, there is no chain-sprocket, no spark plug, and no carburetor, electric motor, which is completely encased in metal and is located inside the rear hub.

Though, the purchase cost is a little more than a conventional bike, mechanical wear and tear is about the same, and electricity is so cheap as to be largely irrelevant, but there is an extra expense in terms of battery depreciation. Consequently, an electric bike costs more to run – typically 5 - 8 pence per mile against 4.2 pence per mile for a non-assisted bike.

Market Players

  • Revolt
  • Bajaj
  • Giant Bicycles
  • Yamaha Bicycles
  • Trek bikes
  • Atlas
  • Electrotherm India Ltd
  • TVS Motor Company
  • Xite Tech
  • Avon cycles
  • BSA Motors
  • TATA Motors

COVID-19 impact on "India Electric Bike Market"

The report analyses and includes complete detailed chapter of 50-70 pages about the short term & long terms impact of COVID-19 outbreak on each segment of "India Electric Bike Market" along with government measures to support the sector. It also showcases the current market landscape during COVID, impact of the virus on leading companies, expected demand schedule and supply chain in the industry and other various major factors. This will help you identify those companies that may benefit from this pandemic as well as those that will lose out.

For a full detailed overview, send here request for market report sample.

Key questions answered in this research report

  • What is the total market size by 2035 and what would be the expected growth rate of sales?
  • What are the total sales in 2018-19 and what would be the expected demand over the forecast period?
  • What are the recent developments and Electric Bikeiness strategy of companies?
  • What are the market opportunities for the existing and entry level players?
  • What are the key market trends?
  • What are the factors which are driving this market?
  • What are the major barriers to market growth?
  • Who are the key vendors in this market space?

Reasons to buy this market study

  • India Electric Bike Market Facilitate decision-making based on strong historic and forecast data for
  • Develop strategies based on the latest regulatory framework
  • Position yourself to gain the maximum advantage of the Reasons to buy this market study
  • India Electric Bike Market Facilitate decision-making based on strong historic and forecast data for
  • Develop strategies based on the latest regulatory framework
  • Position yourself to gain the maximum advantage of the India Electric Bike Market’s growth potential
  • Identify key partners and Electric Bikeiness development avenues across the globe
  • Respond to your competitor’s Electric Bikeiness structure, strategy and prospects’s growth potential

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India Electric Bike Market Outlook 2019-2035 : Market Size, Trends, Growth, Opportunities | COVID-19 Impact Analysis

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