Promising Future for Aviation Industry: Aircraft ground support equipments

Airport handling has raised the number of aircraft ground support equipments which has also increased number of cabins and baggage counters. Successful deliverance of airport operations required skilled ground handling staffs and support equipments. This has significantly increased the demand for aircraft ground support equipment across the globe.

Global aircraft ground support equipment market is segmented by fuel type, by equipment type and by end-user type. Based on end-user segment, defense segment is expected to witness significant demand for aircraft ground support equipment over the forecast period i.e. 2016-2024. Complexities of military infrastructures and high security maintenance of aircrafts has bolstered the need for proper ground support equipment in defense sector. Emerging airport industry has raised the demand for quality services and number of ground support equipments. Operation handling and aircraft management has become easier due to increasing number of ground support equipments and staffs. Rising air traffic and decline in prices of air tickets has increased the passenger inflow thus increased the demand for effective baggage maintenance and passenger handling. Although, rising aircraft departures and arrival maintenance become inefficient and creates complexities in handling ground operations. North America region is the largest market for aircraft ground support equipments in 2016 across the globe. Rising air traffic in United States and huge number of cargo airlines is triggering the demand for aircraft ground support equipments. However, Asia Pacific region is expected to dominate the global aircraft ground support equipment market in near future due to expansion of aviation and tourism industry in countries such as India, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, Thailand and Hong-Kong.

Top players of aircraft ground support equipment are JBT Aerotech, TCR International, Tronair Inc., Textron Incorporated etc. Most of the airline companies are outsourcing or going under collaborative agreements with third party vendors to facilitate with ground handling services and equipments. Increasing number of airports has simultaneously increased the number of air passengers which is growing the need for quality and effective passenger service. Outsourcing of services is reducing the operation cost and help in efficient airport maintenance and airline services. These key aspects are driving the growth of aircraft ground support equipment market across the globe.